Update Info  MyBB 1.8.19 Released
MyBB 1.8.19 Released

Download: https://resources.mybb.com/downloads/mybb_1819.zip

MyBB 1.8.19 is now available, and is a security & maintenance release.
This update includes improved compatibility with PostgreSQL and resolves regressions from previous versions. Administrators may need to update CSS code in global.css for customized themes.
  • 4 security vulnerabilities addressed:

    • High risk: Email field SQL Injection — reported by StefanT
    • Medium risk: Video MyCode Persistent XSS in Visual Editor — reported by Numan OZDEMIR of InfinitumIT
    • Low risk: Insufficient permission check in User CP’s attachment management — reported by StefanT
    • Low risk: Insufficient email address verification — reported by StefanT
  • 8 issues resolved
[*]Check Release Notes for a list of changes to language files, templates and unresolved issues.

More Info:
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