MyBB 1.8.x Mod  Customizing Username Styles
Customizing Username Styles

1. AdminCP -> Users and Groups -> Groups -> *Select the group you would like to add on too*

2. You now want to goto 'Username Style'.

Different Types of styles that you can use:

Text shadow:
PHP Code:
<span style="color: green;text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #39c70d;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span

To edit the text shadow color you change the color code:in that example: #39c70d color shadow
PHP Code:
text-shadow0px 0px 5px #39c70d; 

Results of the text shadow:
[Image: 687474703a2f2f6932392e74696e797069632e63...382e706e67]

Otra Forma:
Image Next To Name
PHP Code:
<span style="color: green;"><img src="images/buddies.gif">{username}</span

To edit image next to name, change image directory:
PHP Code:
<span style="color: green;"><img src="images/buddies.gif">{username}</span

Results of image next to name:
[Image: 687474703a2f2f6932352e74696e797069632e63...6f2e706e67]

[Image: 51.jpg]
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