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Full Version: MyBB 1.8.13
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MyBB 1.8.13


What’s added/changed in this version?

This update includes fixes related to compatibility with PostgreSQL, SQLite and PHP 7.2 and resolves attachment HTML output problems. Note that the theme’s CSS files may need to be updated.

7 security vulnerabilities addressed:

High risk: Installer RCE on configuration file write — reported by pabstersac
High risk: Language file headers RCE — reported by Julian Rittweger
Medium risk: Installer XSS — reported by pabstersac
Medium risk: Mod CP Edit Profile XSS — reported by Julian Rittweger
Low risk: Insufficient moderator permission check in delayed moderation tools — reported by Starpaul20 of MyBB Team
Low risk: Announcements HTML filter bypass
Low risk: Language Pack Properties XSS — reported by Julian Rittweger

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